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  • The Bible: Who Decided What Was Scripture?

    This is an incredibly oversimplified explanation, which leaves out most of the scholarly debate and hard work done by generations of great minds. I stand behind everything you’re about to read, though it is not an academic treatise and truly leaves out many of the debates and research that got us here. It is a […]

  • The Bible: How Was It Written?

    We’ve discussed what the Bible is, now we’ll touch on how it was written. Direct Revelation. This has to do with those instances where God speaks audibly, literally and directly to one of the writers in Scripture. A specific example of this would be found in the book of Revelation, where God tells the Apostle […]

  • The Bible: What Is It?

    The Bible is a centerpiece of Christianity. As Christians, we believe all the words contained in the Bible are true. The Bible is the source of all Christian doctrine, including how we qualify many pastors and leaders, as well as for the personal growth of every individual’s faith. As Christians working to share the message […]