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  • Leadership, Seattle Seahawks Style #TooSoon?

    The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX. The game ended on an interception, while the Seattle Seahawks had the ball on the 1 yard line as the clock was winding down. Oh, and they also had a guy named Marshawn Lynch. It is considered the worst play call in Super Bowl history. As Western Civilization […]

  • When Nobody “Likes” You

    It’s rough when nobody “likes” you. Not in the friendship and personal relationships with others sense though… that isn’t what I mean. My blog lost a bunch of “likes” recently. Que the violins… Our website had some technical issues recently that caused me to look more closely at how it was working (or wasn’t). While […]

  • General George S. Patton’s Gospel: Always Move Forward

    In times of war, soldiers traditionally have reinforced their positions by digging in the ground to provide cover from the eyes and aim of their enemies. Sometimes they dig holes, large enough for 1-3 men, commonly referred to as “foxholes.” Other times a network of interconnected bunkers and trenches are dug out and reinforced with […]

  • Quote of the Week: Bill Parcells

    “Losers assemble in little groups, and complain about the coaches and the players in other little groups… but winners assemble as a team.” -Bills Parcells NFL Hall of Fame Speech 8/3/13   For other “Quote of the Week” entries, CLICK HERE

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups (Full Version)

    My readers provided some very positive feedback about my previous series “The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups” so here are all five blog entries in one, single location.  The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Share everybody’s personal information. When I friend you on Facebook, it doesn’t mean I want to buy Pampered Chef […]

  • Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (5 of 5)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Assume childcare is no big deal. The absolute dumbest thing you can do is claim small groups (or any other meeting for that matter) are essential and vital to your mission, and follow up with the phrase “childcare will not be provided.” Childcare is a really big […]

  • Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (4 of 5)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Make your small group into its own church. Your small group is the front line of your church disciple making strategy; it is not a separate entity. If you really believe your church is on the wrong track unless you do certain things against the church’s wishes […]

  • Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (3 of 5)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Micromanage your small group attendees. If you’ve ever said “We want life changing discussion to take place, and I’m glad tonight was the night you understood God wanted you to deal with some things, but we’re on a schedule and snack time just started” then you’re doing […]

  • The Epitome of Dysfunction

    Recently celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s show Kitchen Nightmares featured a restaurant in Arizona run by a husband and wife team. On the surface, the restaurant looked like a classy place, but inside it was full of unbalanced emotion and dysfunction. Dysfunction. We hear that word all the time at conferences, in books, and blogs. But […]

  • The Top Five Things I Love About My Leaders (in no particular order)

    One thing that is clear to me from being a pastor and leader is how important our teams of leaders and supporters are to what we do in the world. Our leaders are not just a part of the church, they ARE the church. They are not just a part of what we do in […]