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  • The Bible: How Should We Use It?

    We have already discussed What the Bible is, how is was written, and who decided which books were in (and out). Now we can get practical: What’s the point? Now that we have an ancient book, how on earth do we use it? Here are some best practices for how to relate the Bible to […]

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups (Full Version)

    My readers provided some very positive feedback about my previous series “The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups” so here are all five blog entries in one, single location.  The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Share everybody’s personal information. When I friend you on Facebook, it doesn’t mean I want to buy Pampered Chef […]

  • Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (5 of 5)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Assume childcare is no big deal. The absolute dumbest thing you can do is claim small groups (or any other meeting for that matter) are essential and vital to your mission, and follow up with the phrase “childcare will not be provided.” Childcare is a really big […]

  • Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (4 of 5)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Make your small group into its own church. Your small group is the front line of your church disciple making strategy; it is not a separate entity. If you really believe your church is on the wrong track unless you do certain things against the church’s wishes […]

  • Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (3 of 5)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: DON’T: Micromanage your small group attendees. If you’ve ever said “We want life changing discussion to take place, and I’m glad tonight was the night you understood God wanted you to deal with some things, but we’re on a schedule and snack time just started” then you’re doing […]

  • Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (2 of 5)

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups: Don’t base your small group on spiritual information, but rather transformation. DON’T: Base a small group solely on a teaching topic or resource. When I was in High School, I got in trouble more often in boring lectures than I did with more interactive environments. The topic was irrelevant: […]

  • Zombies vs. A Happy Home

    In honor of the 12/21 Mayan Apocalypse I give you Zombies vs… a Five week series on the walking dead among us. This series will bring to light the struggle happening in this world between the “Zombies” among us: those walking dead hungry only for the flesh of the living, and the everyday people they […]

  • Two Snowflakes

    No two snowflakes are alike. Each is a totally unique creation. This morning my wife walked me to my car, handed me my coffee, and kissed me goodbye like she usually does. As I loaded my briefcase into the car, we noticed there was a very light snowfall with tiny snowflakes appearing on my windows. […]

  • There Is Always Hope

    The following is part of an ongoing crowdsourced sermon I’ve been developing using my own life experiences and the feedback of others on Facebook and twitter. It’s all about what to do when we have no answers. The introduction can be found here, and the second section is here. There is always hope. It is entirely possible […]

  • Career Motivation (I think + I might + I could = I’m a loser)

    There is a big difference between “I’m not sure what God has called me to do career-wise” than the ever present crescendo of “I think I’m going to try figuring it all soon out but right now I’m busy floating aimlessly through life.” I’m not picking on you for not having your entire life mapped […]