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  • Christmas Traditions

    Every year on December 6th (or close to it) our family celebrates Saint Nicholas Day. The kids love it because they get a small taste in their stocking of the gifts that are coming on Christmas Day. My wife and I love it because we get to share a small version of the history (and […]

  • Memorial Day

    Imagine applying for an employment opportunity that took you away from your family, put you on call for 24 hours a day, and required you to sleep at the work site. The food really isn’t great, the job sites are not safe, and there isn’t a whole lot of vacation time. Incomes are low, and […]

  • Saint Patrick Deserves His Annual Recognition

    I took this photo of Saint Patrick on my last trip to the Emerald Isle, near the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland.    Every year Americans of proclaimed Irish ancestry celebrate a day dedicated to Saint Patrick by wearing green, listening to loud music (possibly traditional folk music,) and consuming considerable quanities of alcohol in various forms […]