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  • The Dangerous Power of Vulnerability

    I don’t believe Jesus Christ unleashed the church on a dying world to work together as emotionally isolated and lonely souls bottling up our hurts and struggles. That just seems so counterintuitive. But then again, vulnerability indicates weakness, and weakness isn’t good. Right? Being vulnerable is a risky necessity to building trust with other believers […]

  • The Top Five Things I Love About My Leaders (in no particular order)

    One thing that is clear to me from being a pastor and leader is how important our teams of leaders and supporters are to what we do in the world. Our leaders are not just a part of the church, they ARE the church. They are not just a part of what we do in […]

  • And He’s Buying a Wormhole to Heaven

    I’m writing in response to recent comments made by Stephen Hawking. I have not the education nor the accolades that Hawking possesses. Please forgive my lack of such credentials, just as I forgive his lack of sound research or academic honesty. Reknowned physicist and uber braniac Stephen Hawking has declared that “heaven” is not real, and […]