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  • Get It Together: You Don’t Have To Be Late

    Yesterday I laid out what we communicate to others when we are late. Today I’m encouraging you to take steps to manage life like a boss. Maybe even like your boss. Unless your boss is this guy. Pick a calendar that works for you. Everyone has a smartphone now. My iPhone has a calendar function […]

  • Get It Together: Are You Always Late?

    I hate being late. I hate it because it portrays a lack of concern on my end for the person or meeting I am late for. I wasn’t always like this. I used to approach life moment to moment in the era before iPhones and Social Media. Along the way, I learned some huge lessons […]

  • The Epitome of Dysfunction

    Recently celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s show Kitchen Nightmares featured a restaurant in Arizona run by a husband and wife team. On the surface, the restaurant looked like a classy place, but inside it was full of unbalanced emotion and dysfunction. Dysfunction. We hear that word all the time at conferences, in books, and blogs. But […]

  • Five Leaders You Should NOT Follow

    We’ve talked all about Five Leaders I Want to Follow. So let’s recap. I love spending time mentoring and getting to know young leaders. They inspire me, excite me, and keep me from getting too old. They aren’t perfect and yet are generally very receptive to advice and new ideas. I feel better about myself […]

  • Things That Didn’t Used To Matter But Now Do, Part 2

    Here is my second installment of “Things That Didn’t Matter To Me That Now Do (Part 2).” For a complete picture, you also need to see Part 1, and Part 3 as well as my Top 10 List of Things I Don’t Care About Anymore (Part 1 and Part 2). 2. Sleep: Two kids will do that to you. As […]