Tag: mistakes

  • Grace is Everything

    I need Grace. I need it every day. I need Grace from God, and I need it at times from people. I need Grace because I’m an imperfect person who makes mistakes, even when I’m trying hard not to. God has provided me Grace through Jesus Christ, that in spite of all I have done […]

  • Two Snowflakes

    No two snowflakes are alike. Each is a totally unique creation. This morning my wife walked me to my car, handed me my coffee, and kissed me goodbye like she usually does. As I loaded my briefcase into the car, we noticed there was a very light snowfall with tiny snowflakes appearing on my windows. […]

  • Radical Grace

    I need God’s grace every day. Not just for God to overlook a couple missteps, but radical Grace to cover every thought, motive, and action. But God knew that. Jesus, dying on the cross and rising from the grave, not only changed my eternal outcome but also provides hope to live each day. My hope […]