The Forgotten Man

Ever feel like nobody cares? Like nobody is paying attention? Like even God doesn’t seem to get around to helping you out even though you’ve been praying through some heartache?

Joseph was in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, in a country where he was transported as a slave after being sold as property by his own family (Genesis 40:15). He had met a man in prison who he believed could help him get released, but that man forgot about him (Genesis 40:23). Joseph was an innocent man, suffering even though he’d done nothing wrong, and forgotten even though he’d worked to help others. Joseph was marginalized; he was the forgotten man.

Joseph is a good example to anyone feeling like the forgotten man. His story is powerful to anyone who isn’t getting credit for their work and deeds, and for those who feel ignored and overlooked. If you’ve been marginalized there is good news to be heard from Joseph.

First, Joseph remained faithful and focused. At no time do we see Joseph blaming or attacking others for his situation. He remained in slavery and even jail for years, yet we never see him calling out other people or feeling sorry for himself. Joseph was faithful to God even though he didn’t see the immediate evidence of God’s faithfulness to him. Second, when we do see him released, years later, he is focused on glorifying God (Genesis 41:16). He didn’t need therapy, time to vent, or live out a public drama so he could ” learn to trust God again” or anything like that. He got cleaned up, shaved, and got to work.

Joseph’s story is all about how God prepared ahead of time to rescue His own people. Because Joseph eventually became a high ranking official in Egypt, his family was able to gain access to food stores when everyone else was starving. When Joseph sat in his dirty dungeon cell, he had no indication that his imprisonment was leading up to God’s redemptive plan. God had a much larger picture in mind than just Joseph’s own life and comfort. We can be encouraged to know that God still has bigger plans at work in this world than our own personal success and livelihood.

Stay focused & faithful, even when you’re the forgotten man. God has a redemptive plan at work through Jesus Christ. Watch His plan unfold through your life!

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  1. I think it’s common to feel like the “Forgotten Man” when we pray hard, follow God’s Word and His Will and yet even when we call, He doesn’t answer. At least not right away. God is all about timing, HIS timing and I continue reminding myself to that when I feel forgotten and abandoned.

    Thank you for this post today!


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