Parenting: My kids do not exist for my benefit

My kids do not exist to make me happy or fill a void in my life. As a parent, I am not looking to my boy to somehow give my life meaning and to my daughter for fulfillment that only God can provide. My role is to help shape him as a man turn him loose on the world one day with a set of car keys and some gel in his hair. It is to support her as an adult, ready to take on the world with a strong family behind her. I’m here to help them learn how to be bona-fide responsible adults one dirty diaper at a time. He doesn’t exist to do something for me and she isn’t to “blame” for the adjustments every good parent has to make.

As a parent, my role is to model Jesus Christ and teach them well everything I can about life. I’m living a life that I can pass along and say: “Live this way” for my family. Should any parent claim to do less?

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