I’m Not Getting Into An Argument About Musical Preferences

Some things in this world used to be really important to me; now I have new priorities.

Some churches have a cool band to lead worship. Some do straight up hymns with a full choir & orchestra (I worked at a church that did this really well in their earlier service). Some will try an unfortunate blend of everything at the same time to make everyone happy (and then shockingly, everyone isn’t happy). My thing is simple: I like good, and I know bad when I hear it. If a church is awesome at choir & orchestra, then roll with it. If you have some gifted and talented younger folks that can flat out kill it on stage, then give them the service. Do the best thing. What makes your people sing the loudest? What engages the most of your people as they sit (and stand) together on Sunday morning? I’m not into the “one is holier than the other.” You can do multiple venues and services, but man, blending them all together is just bleh.


This is an excerpt from a previous blog post titled Top 10 Things I Don’t Care About Anymore, Part 1

4 responses to “I’m Not Getting Into An Argument About Musical Preferences”

  1. Musically,do what you can do well, and do it the best you can. We are here to engage worshippers and stimulate seekers which is a musical challenge.We try to balance the music styles between the Sunday and mid-week services

    Be consistent, give it your best and honor your musical mission.

    I am a jazz fan; but if ONE person threatens to leave the church if we dont do jazz ..is that a good reason to become a jazz club?
    Kind of like “The Hot Dog King” transforming to a sushi bar to please ONE customer.(Wasn’t that a Seinfeld episode?)

    Thanks for the musical forum and great blog man!

  2. I know that your intent is to not argue, but I offer to you our context, which is decidedly “blended” musically. We have a small worshipping community (usually less than 50). We are a diverse body, with plenty of retirees, young family’s, and working adults. As a community, we’re all over the map on musical preference.

    We certainly don’t have the numbers to justify multiple services, so we blend. And sometimes it’s bleh, but sometimes it draws us into God’s presence in ways that we likely wouldn’t we’re we committed fully to a particular musical styling. I don’t know if we do it “right,” but perhaps our story can help broaden the conversation.

    Grace and peace to you, and blessings on your family and your ministry!

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