Making the Bus Monitor Cry

This sickens me. I am a pastor at a church located in Greece, NY. I am disgusted with the way this woman is abused. I’m angry that she had to endure this barrage of personal insults, threats, and harassment. Like several people all over Western NY (and apparently in other parts of the world as the video is reposted and goes viral), I’m demanding that the school district deal with this situation and asking the Greece Police Department to encourage them to do so.

What makes someone attack another in this way? My mind drifts predictably to question the sort of homes these kids live in, what type of parenting have they experienced, what their families are like, etc. Then I do what a lot of others have done: I start questioning the Greece school district, the type of leadership and supervision they provide, and the environment that these kids and teachers exist in day to day. I wonder how hard it must be for some kids to exist day in day out under the weight of these sort of attacks. I think, “It must suck to be a kid in the Greece School district.”

But most of all, I see life without Jesus. And I see a great need to lead our church to be Grace givers and not hate hurlers. I want our ministry to bring hope to people, not harassment. I need to know that our church will matter enough in this community that we will nudge people to Jesus and not judgment on others for the way they look, the way they talk, their age, or anything else. I want our church to be a source of hope in Jesus Christ, and not despair.

But this lady, on this day, didn’t experience that. She didn’t experience the love that flows from a follower of Christ. She didn’t even see a single person stand up and come to her defense. We’re going to change that in Greece, NY.

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  1. Appalled! Couldn’t even manage to watch the whole thing. Do we seriously have to send our kids to school with these rude, undisciplined, ignorant and hateful kids. Ugh!

  2. Dan,

    It was so hard to watch such horrible behavior and language from these young people. How far does this rudeness and absolute disrespect have to get before the school and others of authority step in & gain control. Do they really have to let it get to the brink of emotionally tearing down people. This is ridiculous and the Greece school system should be ashamed and embarrassed by the their students lude behavior. It is really becoming more & more evident of what happens when you take God out of the school, the government, etc. etc. what is even more frightening is the fact that if these young people are so brazen to say these thing and act out in such a cruel manor just imagine what they will be capable of once they graduate and enter society. I will be praying for all of these whose voices only I heard, as it is clear they need Jesus in their hearts. Thank you for your wisdom and ministry there in Western, N.Y. You certainly have your work cut out for you, but….God goes before you and follows after you. Many Blessings my friend !


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