Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person (5 of 5)



This is an excerpt of a post previous published called “Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person” from March 2012. Enjoy!

Reason #5: Because you can’t find anyone else. You might look more like Mclovin than Brad Pitt, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an unhealthy relationship. The idea of having to “settle” for someone you really don’t want to be with is the absolute dumbest, poorly structured decision you will likely ever make. Learn from some other unfortunate unhappy marriage; don’t preach this message from your own life. I’m not saying you wait until Yvonne Strahovski breaks up with Chuck to think about marriage. That’s silly; you have no chance just look at you! I’m telling you right now, Mila Kunis is not coming through that door. What I am saying that don’t settle for the best of whats around. Be the best, and expect it. Some will call you arrogant. I’ll call you focused.

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