Do’s And Don’ts of Small Groups (1 of 5)


The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups:

DON’T: Share everybody’s personal information. When I friend you on Facebook, it doesn’t mean I want to buy Pampered Chef from you, sell Mary Kay, or join your online business. And I really don’t want your friends to contact me either for a presentation, 15 minute video, or to fill out a survey. You have probably experienced this. The absolute worst thing ever is for someone to feel like a pastor/leader/church attender is interested in their life and friendship, only to find out that person just wants to get that person to donate/volunteer/buy or whatever. The people we run across in life are not commodities to be bought or sold. Don’t be guilty of this. And avoid leaders like this.

DO: Utilize technology & social media. Take advantage of social media to increase discussion and deepen relationships among group members. Your groups will stay on top of current events and get to know each other to a greater degree. You’ll make it easier for new faces to get acquainted and folks will be less likely to fall through the cracks when they’re connected to someone, or everyone.


“The Great Commission” (also known as Disciple-Making) is the command Jesus laid out for His followers. We are to “Make Disciples” of all nations. We are to “Make Disciples” of all people, everywhere. He didn’t create two distinct categories of “Evangelism” and “Discipleship” that we see today (my guess is that was invented so someone could sell two books instead of one).

Just like Jesus, Christians for centuries have utilized small groups of believers as a practical way to provide support, encouragement, growth, and fellowship with one another as we make disciples together. Small groups in a contemporary church environment are just as effective in “Disciple-Making” today, but simply putting people in a group and having a staff member tell them what to do doesn’t make disciples. I believe that an effective small groups ministry is one that consistently makes disciples, engages the culture they find themselves in, and loves people. So this week, I give you five days of “The Do’s and Don’ts of Small Groups.”

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