Your Assimilation Process: First Impressions (1 of 5)

(This series has been updated and expanded upon here: The Five Elements of a Fully Implemented Connections Strategy)

Overflow parking is a sign that people are consistently inviting their friends and neighbors…

The ministries of our churches exist to make disciples of all people everywhere. Incredibly, so few churches have a comprehensive strategy to connect the very guests that walk into our buildings to the ministries that exist for them! This series breaks down the five essential elements every church much bring together to build a system that doesn’t just connect with people, but draws them into relationships with the church and ultimately Jesus Christ. / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five

First Impressions. Your church gets one shot at a first impression. Ask yourself what you want a guest family to see and experience as they drive in and park at your church for the first time. Is the campus clean or is it a mess? Are there pleasant people outside in the parking lot welcoming guests and directing traffic? Are there signs outside letting people know where to park and where to enter? When guests arrive at the door, who is there to greet them? Who is opening the door for families and welcoming new faces? How well is your team greeting guests as they walk into your front foyer or Atrium area?

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