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  • Ackbar’s Eleven: A Star Wars Heist

      If you’re a fan of Star Wars and Ocean’s Eleven, this will be the greatest five minutes of your entire life. George Clooney as Admiral Ackbar? Brad Pitt as Crix Madine and his pre-hipster era groundbreaking haircut? You’re welcome, planet earth.  

  • Top Ten: Life Lessons I Learned Growing Up With David Letterman

    I grew up on 1980’s television. That means I’ve earned a Masters Level education in Magnum P.I., Cheers, The A-Team, and David Letterman. Chances are, if you survived the 80’s and 90’s, you also spent a lot of time watching Letterman and Paul Shaffer reinvent the “Late Night” genre on TV.┬áIt was weird, funny, and […]

  • Enjoy This! Hot Texas Chili

    After living in Texas for 11 years, we picked up a lot of recipes. Here is our Texas Chili recipe. When I say Texas Chili, you need to know it means three things: Hot, flavorful, and no beans. This is a great recipe for a hot meal in some cool fall weather.┬áInvite some neighbors over […]

  • Enjoy This! Our Salsa Recipe From Texas

    After living in Texas for 16 years, we picked up a lot of recipes. Here is our Salsa Recipe, to be made from scratch with all fresh ingredients. Goes well with our Guacamole recipe from last week. Invite some neighbors over this week and serve these with tortilla chips as an appetizer! Ingredients 4 ripe […]

  • Enjoy This! Our Guacamole Recipe From Texas

    The sun is out and summer Has arrived. The time for dinner parties, patio gatherings, and a circle of men standing around a grill is here! So enjoy this! After living in Texas 15 years, I give to you: Our guacamole recipe. Here’s the gear you will need: Sharp knife Cutting Board Large bowl for […]