Top Ten: Life Lessons I Learned Growing Up With David Letterman

Top Ten Life Lessons From Growing Up With David Letterman
David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater, NYC

I grew up on 1980’s television. That means I’ve earned a Masters Level education in Magnum P.I., Cheers, The A-Team, and David Letterman. Chances are, if you survived the 80’s and 90’s, you also spent a lot of time watching Letterman and Paul Shaffer reinvent the “Late Night” genre on TV. It was weird, funny, and had cool music just like SNL. Sometimes the adult humor on SNL went right over my head, but the self-deprecating quick wit and comedic simplicity on Letterman made me laugh every time.

When David Letterman retired, accolades poured in from all over the entertainment world, and I began to remember just how innovative his shows actually were. Looking back, in between the laughs, there are some worthwhile “Life Lessons” I picked up watching these guys on TV. So without further ado, I bring you:

The Top Ten Life Lessons From Growing Up With David Letterman:

#10: Give “regular people” a chance; they may surprise you!

#9: It is ok to be weird.

#8: If you have a real conversation with kids, they’ll surprise you every time.

#7: Live music is pretty much the greatest thing ever:

#6: Give credit to others, and say “Thank You” often…

#5: Have as much fun as you can in life.

#4: Use your platform in life to give others a chance at success

#3: Your own difficult seasons can one day equip you to understand the struggles of others.

#2: In desperate times, your transparency can be the strength that gives the greatest help to others.

#1: Don’t take yourself too seriously; chances are, most other people don’t either!

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