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  • Things Every Person Should Do This Week

    Here is a list of things every person should do this week. Tell your family you love them. I do this every day to each family member on purpose. They’re going to hear a lot of different things from me each day, month, year, etc. I want to make sure the fact that I love […]

  • Stay Bitter? This Happens

    If you never forgive, and wish only for others to “get what they deserve” you will be just like Jonah. Jonah lives on through history in a very short story in the Bible as the example of how terrible and destructive bitterness can be, and how God will still accomplish his purposes without you while […]

  • Trick or Treat!

    On Halloween, our place as a family is in our neighborhood surrounded by people, not sequestered away from it. Today is Halloween. That means every family in my neighborhood will be outside walking around at the same time. Every parent will be going door to door with their children, laughing as they scream for candy, and […]

  • And He’s Buying a Wormhole to Heaven

    I’m writing in response to recent comments made by Stephen Hawking. I have not the education nor the accolades that Hawking possesses. Please forgive my lack of such credentials, just as I forgive his lack of sound research or academic honesty. Reknowned physicist and uber braniac Stephen Hawking has declared that “heaven” is not real, and […]

  • What can Christians learn from a bottle of Scotch?

    What can Christians learn from a bottle of Scotch? In the U.K., The makers of Scotch whisky have banded together to protect the standards of their industry. Too many cheap imitations have flooded the market, hurting their sales in the short term but also ruining the consensus of what Scotch whisky really is. New regulations […]