Things Every Person Should Do This Week

Shaun had a to do list, and it saved his life. Be like Shaun.

Here is a list of things every person should do this week.

Tell your family you love them. I do this every day to each family member on purpose. They’re going to hear a lot of different things from me each day, month, year, etc. I want to make sure the fact that I love them is right out in front every day and louder than anything else I’ve said.

Do something for someone else. You can’t always plan for these; sometimes people have unexpected needs they couldn’t have planned for. I know I have. Choose wisely, and reach out to someone’s need.

Say no to something. A wise man once challenged several of us to say no to something on a regular basis. There are a lot of applications here but in my case, I say no to something here and there to prove that I can. For instance, I’m a big coffee drinker. And about once a year I will stop drinking it for two weeks. Stuff like that.

Plan for your growth. Look at your week and plan in advance when and where you’ll spend some quality time reading and reflecting on the Bible. It is easy to forget this if you’re not intentional about making it happen every day. Say no to something else and bless yourself with some blocks of time to invest in yourself. Keep Jesus in mind.

Be a Grace giver. Yes, I know there are a lot of negative people out there. People who complain about other people and how rough their life is get under my skin too. And some people can’t seem to find a place within the boundaries of normal social skills with which to communicate with you; I get all that too. Give them grace this week. They’ll need it.

Make amends. Please do not tell me you’re one of those folks holding a petty grudge over something someone probably didn’t do the way you’re saying they did. Many of the people I’ve known that were freed from the destructive power of holding a grudge were in fact holding that grudge as a shield to block any guilt over what they themselves had done wrong. To be blunt: the grudge holders turned out to be the bigger jerks, and used their phony grudge to escape having to admit they did anything wrong. You’re instantly going to start seeing this around the people you know are always at odds with others. Don’t be one of them! Make an honest apology and make real amends for whatever you’ve done.

Laugh! And don’t do it at someone else’s expense, either.

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