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  • Social Media and Leaders: WHO (2 of 3)

    Start Here: Right now, you have an audience. And someone is most likely representing your organization simply by showing up on social media. Is it an employee? Is it a customer? A church member? Or is it a disgruntled former manager/whatever? You have an audience, and someone is communicating with them. Key leaders in your […]

  • Social Media And Leaders: Why (1 of 3)

    Leaders should take advantage of Social Media to connect with others and engage the culture. Tomorrow I’ll talk about WHO really matters in the public eye in relation to your organization. And finally I’ll discuss HOW to utilize social media. But today, I’ll tell you WHY: Because most people are using social media to connect […]

  • I’m Not Feeding Consumerism

    Some things in this world used to be really important to me; now I have new priorities. In┬áthe ministry where I used to serve, I didn’t have gigantic staff or budget (by Dallas Megachurch standards, let alone Western NY), and I didn’t hide in a dark room at 2:00am to stare lustfully at the websites […]