I’m Not Feeding Consumerism

Some things in this world used to be really important to me; now I have new priorities.

In the ministry where I used to serve, I didn’t have gigantic staff or budget (by Dallas Megachurch standards, let alone Western NY), and I didn’t hide in a dark room at 2:00am to stare lustfully at the websites of all the churches who did. I offered quality teaching, and opportunities for discipleship, evangelism, serving, accountability, and fellowship. For Christians, those interested are great additions to the church. For folks who were not Christians, this was a good way to give a clear picture of what we were really all about. If you were a career consumer “shopping” for the church that gives you the most stuff, my attitude was simple: please steer clear. I don’t want you to ruin the vibe in our groups! Still feel that way now.


This is an excerpt from a previous blog post titled Top 10 Things I Don’t Care About Anymore, Part 2

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