Top 10 Things I Don’t Care About Anymore, Part 2

Here is Part 2 my “Top Ten” (Part 1, 10 -6 was published yesterday) list of things I don’t care about anymore. Next up: Things that didn’t used to matter to me that now do!

TOP 10: Things I Don’t Care About Anymore (Part 1):

5. Arguing With You: I just don’t want to do this. Folks, all this that we do: it isn’t about us, or you, or me. Live with this as a core value and I’m not sure you’ll be playing victim nearly as often. Most of the dissension vortexes I’ve felt pull at me always go back to someone being needy for something on this “top Ten” list. The more you think it is about you, the less of you any of us need. Stop crying, seriously. When it seems like I don’t care about being a part of your latest controversy, you’re finally right.

4. Competing For Church Members: In the ministry where I currently serve (at the time this post was written), I don’t have gigantic staff or budget (by Dallas Megachurch standards), and I’m not going hide in a dark room at 2:00am to stare lustfully at the websites of all the churches who do. I can offer quality teaching, and opportunities for discipleship/evangelism, serving, accountability, and fellowship. If you’re interested, come visit. If you are a career consumer “shopping” for the church that gives you the most stuff, please steer clear. I don’t want you to ruin the vibe in our groups!

3. Everyone’s Convictions on Minutiae: So you hate this guy’s tattoos or that guy’s hair. So what? So you’re convinced that every accomplished Greek Scholar at Dallas Theological Seminary is wrong and misread the Bible when it said Jesus made wine and not grape juice. Good for you. I just don’t care about this anymore. I don’t care about your endless critiques about my iPod playlists or the ratings of DVD’s in my personal library, or all your other opinions on stuff like this. I want to hear about your desire for the Gospel, not your desire for a different type of music on Sunday morning and how you tried to talk to this pastor or that pastor but they didn’t listen. Oh man. I really don’t care! And I won’t the next time!

2. Being At Every Event: I used to think if I wasn’t at every event it would look like I wasn’t on top of things or could get accused of showing favoritism or whatever. I just don’t care anymore. I can’t be out every night of the week, and I’m not going to be out “most” of them either. I’ve heard too many leaders say that if they could do it all over again they would sacrifice “success” and do a better job as husbands and parents. So, for the record, you can keep the success, and I’m going to be an always present father and husband. Ask my family.

1. Taking Credit: The more I watch other people racing to take credit or basking in applause and accolades, the less I realize I want any of it. We all hate when someone filibusters during a discussion to take a rabbit trail on how amazing they are. Being appreciated is awesome. Being valued is fantastic. Being celebrated is touching. And being obsessed with this stuff is going to kill my ability to serve Jesus. Therefore, I give credit to my leaders for just about everything, those in authority over me for opportunities, and my wife for being amazing. I’m the credit giver. Much better place to be!

That is Part 2 my “Top Ten” (Part 1, 10 -6 was published yesterday) list of things I don’t care about anymore. Next up: Things that didn’t used to matter to me that now do!

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