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  • Text Messages

    Did you ever experience that moment when you receive a text message from someone obviously meant for someone else? Most of us can relate; we get a message that was supposed to be from one friend to another friend, or even better, one friend to their spouse. Sometimes it takes us a minute to understand what is […]

  • Parenting: My responsibilities have changed

    While sitting in the first few rows at my church, I once heard a guest speaker named Pastor Mark Driscoll say that this: “…the longer someone is single, the longer they have to learn how to become selfish.” My first thought as a College & Singles Pastor was “Oh man. They’re going to hate him. […]

  • Justice, Mercy, Jesus, and Osama bin-Laden

    It is never a good thing for us to celebrate death, since it is the result of our sin against God. However this time, my emotion and desire has clearly overwhelmed my theology. Osama bin-Laden is dead. The man who orchestrated massive terror attacks against the United States and other nations has been identified, killed, […]