Text Messages

Did you ever experience that moment when you receive a text message from someone obviously meant for someone else? Most of us can relate; we get a message that was supposed to be from one friend to another friend, or even better, one friend to their spouse. Sometimes it takes us a minute to understand what is going on before we realize: “Oh I get it; that wasn’t for me!” Then we have the awkward task of letting that friend know: “Hey man! I think you meant to ask your wife about your shopping list. But, if I’m wrong and you’re buying…” The next text they send is usually funny. They either offer a long winded lame excuse that you ignore while laughing, or a short & embarrassed : “oops” style reply.

Sometimes, I totally feel like this with life. God seemingly is telling me “Do this” or “Go there” or “start that” and then circumstances make things seem like God is sending me a “Oops! My bad, homie. That text was for Mark Driscoll.”

Every feel this way? You start praying in a way to your proverbial iPhone that has Siri text God the following:  “God, whatever you’re saying doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with me.” Weirdly enough, there is no embarassed friend texting me back saying, “My bad; LOL.” No, instead, I find myself at times wondering why on earth God has led me to do the things that I have been doing, and spend a lot of my time making sure I am doing the right thing.

Moral of the story? Life ain’t easy. Sometimes things get tough. I may not always like the way things go but we can sit around and pity ourselves or we can move on. It isn’t always fun, and things don’t exactly make sense all of the time, but that’s how life is. As always, when we recieve a text that we think was for someone else, we clarify. Ask God for clarity in your uncertainty, and move on, whatever the outcome.

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