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  • Running on Empty

    You can only get so far when you are “running on empty.” But you can get up and go again once you refill. Keep going. Don’t quit. It gets better. I’m one of those guys that never allows his gas tank to go under half full, but… Recently my son joined a “Blastball” league, and […]

  • When God Overrules Bad Decisions

    When God overrules bad decisions, don’t make an equally bad choice as your next decision. I was in a hurry because I needed to use lunchtime for my haircut. I knew all the dangers, all the statistics, and yet I still made a bad choice I knew I would regret: I pulled into the McDonalds parking lot. […]

  • Don’t Eat The Fake Fruit

    I’ve never understood the point of having fake fruit. I’ve been in people’s homes and seen coffee tables and dining rooms alike adorned with centerpieces made up with hollow rubber grapes, plastic apples and bananas, and wooden pears. I get that there is a certain look people are going for but to me fake fruit […]