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  • Two Snowflakes

    No two snowflakes are alike. Each is a totally unique creation. This morning my wife walked me to my car, handed me my coffee, and kissed me goodbye like she usually does. As I loaded my briefcase into the car, we noticed there was a very light snowfall with tiny snowflakes appearing on my windows. […]

  • Life is Fragile

    Life is Fragile. I’m reminded of that all the time, so apparently I’d better remember this. On Monday I took my 37 weeks pregnant wife to the hospital, because she fell down a flight of stairs. I found her lying face down at the bottom of the stairs after hearing a loud noise while I […]

  • Success Ain’t What It Used To Be

    Some things in this world used to be really important to me; now I have new priorities. I used to believe that the more I did what God wanted, the more “opportunity” He would give me. The problem is this is only kind of true. He does tend to give me opportunities more and more. […]