Success Ain’t What It Used To Be

Some things in this world used to be really important to me; now I have new priorities.

I used to believe that the more I did what God wanted, the more “opportunity” He would give me. The problem is this is only kind of true. He does tend to give me opportunities more and more. But these opportunities cannot be measured by the same metric that I used to value. Standing on a bigger stage with brighter lights and a larger crowd isn’t necessarily a blessing from God. And I don’t run in a crowd that values a “platform” more than a chance to share Jesus with someone they’ve invested in and connected with. An evening in my backyard with my family is more desirable than a flyer with my photo condemning me to several nights away from my family, away from my yard, and miked up on a stage like I was Charlie Sheen.


This is an excerpt from a previous blog post titled Top 10 Things I Don’t Care About Anymore, Part 1

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