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  • You Started Over (Right?)

    New Week! Time to START OVER! You Started over… didn’t you? Here is a look at how to “do Monday” to encourage, enlighten, and maybe help you plan better for next week. Today is Monday; the new work week is already in full swing. You’re at your job, doing what you do, looking ahead at […]

  • Get It Together: You Don’t Have To Be Late

    Yesterday I laid out what we communicate to others when we are late. Today I’m encouraging you to take steps to manage life like a boss. Maybe even like your boss. Unless your boss is this guy. Pick a calendar that works for you. Everyone has a smartphone now. My iPhone has a calendar function […]

  • Get It Together: Are You Always Late?

    I hate being late. I hate it because it portrays a lack of concern on my end for the person or meeting I am late for. I wasn’t always like this. I used to approach life moment to moment in the era before iPhones and Social Media. Along the way, I learned some huge lessons […]