You Started Over (Right?)


New Week! Time to START OVER! You Started over… didn’t you? Here is a look at how to “do Monday” to encourage, enlighten, and maybe help you plan better for next week.

Today is Monday; the new work week is already in full swing. You’re at your job, doing what you do, looking ahead at what the next five or so days have in store. Today is a new week. Some things may have carried over, but it is a new start altogether. Make the most of a fresh start. Take advantage of a new day. Learn from your mistakes this week, so that next week can be better!

Start Early. Leaders aren’t late. It’s that simple. Get a jump on on your week by starting early. When we get set early, our responsibilities are ahead of us, not surrounding us. Think of it like picking a spot to swim towards BEFORE you dive into the water, compared with looking for direction while treading water in the lake.

Make a Plan: What do you have to get finished today and each day this week? Which email has to be responded to, what projects must be completed, and what conversations await your attention? You do not have to be late; you don’t have to exist in “catch-up” mode for the rest of your life. 

What is Success? What has to be accomplished to call the day a success? The week? Establish goals you can work towards. Don’t just work without a definition of success.

When Does Work End? Schedule breaks, and schedule an end to “work” so your family gets the person God made you to. Plan an end to the work so that you are 100% mom/dad/husband/wife when they need you to be.

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