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  • We’re Moving to Dallas and Joining the Staff Family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship

    After a very prayerful and thorough search, Jennifer and I are blessed with the opportunity to join the staff family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in 2014. After some very positive conversations with Pastor Pete Briscoe and Zach Lambert, we prayerfully accepted the opportunity to join the Pastoral Launching Pad at Bent Tree as a […]

  • Things That Didn’t Used To Matter But Now Do, Part 3

    Here is my third installment of “Things That Didn’t Matter To Me That Now Do (Part 3).” For a complete picture, you also need to see Part 1 and Part 2, as well as my Top 10 List of Things I Don’t Care About Anymore (Part 1 and Part 2). 4. Mercy: I’m so different than I used to be, I really […]

  • Typewriters & The Church

    “RIP typewriter” has been a top ten trending topic on Twitter all morning. Apparently nobody is buying typewriters anymore, and the last “official” manufacturer in Mumbai India has closed down. It doesn’t surprise me that a typewriter manufacturer is closing the doors in 2011. What DOES surprise me is that they were still around at […]