We’re Moving to Dallas and Joining the Staff Family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship


After a very prayerful and thorough search, Jennifer and I are blessed with the opportunity to join the staff family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in 2014. After some very positive conversations with Pastor Pete Briscoe and Zach Lambert, we prayerfully accepted the opportunity to join the Pastoral Launching Pad at Bent Tree as a Lead Pastor Resident.

Many who know us understand how involved my wife Jennifer is as a partner in ministry and Bent Tree shares this value with us. I’ll be learning first hand from Pete Briscoe and others on staff how to improve my sermon preparation and delivery, and I’ll benefit from a constant critical eye on everything from my leadership, communication styles, as well as other aspects of being a pastor.  We chose this opportunity over several others; Bent Tree has a pretty unique desire to invest in leaders and become a launching pad for pastors. Their focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and heart for families made the decision pretty simple for us. We can’t wait to join the church and be a part of what God is doing.

We’re coming home to Texas; we’ll see y’all soon.

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12 responses to “We’re Moving to Dallas and Joining the Staff Family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship”

  1. I am sooooo happy!! I have missed you guys, and so excited for your family for this incredible opportunity the Lord has given you. Besides, we need more Steelers fans down here.

  2. As a Bent Tree family member’s, our family, The DeWitt’s, welcome y’all to Texas and can’t wait to meet & see you and your family around BT!

  3. Congrats to you and your family. Deb and I are thankful for the opportunity we had of getting to know you and your family while at LCC. We will be praying for you on your new venture of serving our Lord.

  4. Best of luck to you and your family Daniel. Sorry things did not work out for you in Western NY and Lakeshore. Merry Christmas.

    • Thank you, Steve. Things actually went really, really well for us here in Buffalo. It is simply a matter of God doing His own thing. We love this area and would be fine returning some day. That said, we’re joining to an amazing, Gospel centered church, and we are just blessed to get to be a part of it.

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