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  • Quote of the Week: Ray Clark

    “One of my biggest concerns is how to sustain a people-and-culture-first organization when the rest of the business world seems to care less and less about either…” -Ray Clark, The Marketing Arm

  • We’re Moving to Dallas and Joining the Staff Family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship

    After a very prayerful and thorough search, Jennifer and I are blessed with the opportunity to join the staff family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in 2014. After some very positive conversations with Pastor Pete Briscoe and Zach Lambert, we prayerfully accepted the opportunity to join the Pastoral Launching Pad at Bent Tree as a […]

  • Remember When Our Daughter Had Spinal Cord Surgery?

    It is hard to believe an entire year has gone by since our most difficult season ever as a family. But it was a full year ago, and God has blessed us immeasurably. The timeless lesson here is to trust God fully, and use every ounce of your strength to honor that trust in every way […]

  • How To Take Your Wife On A Date (2 of 2)

    Yesterday I wrote “How to take your wife on a date.” Well, to put my words into action, I took my wife out on a surprise date last night. Here’s how it all went down. In the planning phase, I took advantage of our existing schedule. We had a meeting scheduled for some consulting that she […]

  • How To Take Your Wife On A Date (1 of 2)

    The weekend is coming, and you should probably take your wife on a date. Sometimes newlyweds get so excited to finally live under the same roof that they get out of the routine of going out and doing fun things together. At first, everything was so great and new. Her thoughts were filled with: “Oh […]

  • That’s Great, But…

    Some things in this world used to be really important to me; now I have new priorities. So you hate this guy’s tattoos or that guy’s hair. So what? So you’re convinced that every accomplished Greek Scholar at Dallas Theological Seminary is wrong and misread the Bible when it said Jesus made wine and not […]