That’s Great, But…

Some things in this world used to be really important to me; now I have new priorities.

So you hate this guy’s tattoos or that guy’s hair. So what? So you’re convinced that every accomplished Greek Scholar at Dallas Theological Seminary is wrong and misread the Bible when it said Jesus made wine and not grape juice. Good for you. I just don’t care about this anymore. I don’t care about your endless critiques about my iPod playlists or the ratings of DVD’s in my personal library, or all your other opinions on stuff like this. I want to hear about your desire for the Gospel, not your desire for a different type of music on Sunday morning and how you tried to talk to this pastor or that pastor but they didn’t listen. Oh man. I really don’t care! And I won’t the next time!


This is an excerpt from a previous blog post titled Top 10 Things I Don’t Care About Anymore, Part 2

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