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  • Colossians: Week Three

      We Are Free In Christ: Because of Who He Is, And What He Has Done Every year I take my entire family to our city’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade. We dress up in green, bring some snacks and watch the parade floats go by, occasionally catching free goodies they throw into the crowd. I […]

  • Colossians: Week Two

    Jesus is our Hope, Now and Forever. Last week we began our way through the Book of Colossians to answer the Question: “What Does God Want From Me?” Since our first evening together in Colossians, we have seen headlines that include the words “Ebola” and my home “Frisco, TX” in the same sentence, as well […]

  • Colossians: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read

    The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read If you had a chance to tell a complete stranger the most important thing to know for their daily life, what would it be? This actually happened. The Apostle Paul had one shot to tell a group of people everything they would need to know… and he flat […]

  • We’re Moving to Dallas and Joining the Staff Family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship

    After a very prayerful and thorough search, Jennifer and I are blessed with the opportunity to join the staff family at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in 2014. After some very positive conversations with Pastor Pete Briscoe and Zach Lambert, we prayerfully accepted the opportunity to join the Pastoral Launching Pad at Bent Tree as a […]