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  • 9/11: I Remember it Well

    I remember 9/11 as clear as if it happened yesterday. I remember driving in to seminary that morning, listening to the morning show going on and on about the drunken antics that were being reported by then president George W. Bush’s daughters. They were becoming tabloid regulars at the time. I remember being in Greek […]

  • I Need, Trust, and Follow Jesus: Sermon Video & Discussion Questions

    I Need, Trust, Follow Jesus from theWELLbuffalo on Vimeo. I was blessed to be the guest preacher at a great church in Buffalo, NY called “The Well” this weekend. I had a chance to be part of their annual “I Heart Buffalo” series and brought a conversation ¬†out of Colossians 1 called “I Need, Trust, […]

  • Making Waves

    If you get in the water, you make waves. Ask anyone who’s ever been at a pool party while three college guys do a coordinated stealth attack featuring belly flops, a canon ball, and that weak upright and indecisive¬†jump into the water we’ve all seen people do. Ask anyone who’s been fishing in a small […]