I Need, Trust, and Follow Jesus: Sermon Video & Discussion Questions

I Need, Trust, Follow Jesus from theWELLbuffalo on Vimeo.

I was blessed to be the guest preacher at a great church in Buffalo, NY called “The Well” this weekend. I had a chance to be part of their annual “I Heart Buffalo” series and brought a conversation  out of Colossians 1 called “I Need, Trust, and Follow Jesus” in both Sunday gatherings that also streamed live. Above is a video from one of those gatherings, and below are some discussion questions I created for personal or group discussion and reflection. (There are some playback issues for Google Chrome users with Vimeo, so if you have trouble playing the video, reopen the video in Explorer).

Question One: What are some of the challenges a follower of Christ faces in your own local culture?

Question Two: In what ways or circumstances are you most likely to lose sight of the sufficiency of Grace in Jesus?

Question Three: What does Paul mean when he writes that Jesus presents you “holy” in Colossians 1:22? How does this apply to you specifically?

Question Four: Is it harder to trust Jesus with your present and future, or to let Him wipe out your past?

Question Five: In what ways will shifting your focus to the person and work of Jesus become the solution to a specific challenge in your life?

Question Six: We’re all disciples of something. How are you presently “Making Disciples” of Jesus in your family? Your neighborhood? Through your career? What can you do differently in response to what we discussed in this video?

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