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  • 9/11: I Remember it Well

    I remember 9/11 as clear as if it happened yesterday. I remember driving in to seminary that morning, listening to the morning show going on and on about the drunken antics that were being reported by then president George W. Bush’s daughters. They were becoming tabloid regulars at the time. I remember being in Greek […]

  • How To Take Your Wife On A Date (2 of 2)

    Yesterday I wrote “How to take your wife on a date.” Well, to put my words into action, I took my wife out on a surprise date last night. Here’s how it all went down. In the planning phase, I took advantage of our existing schedule. We had a meeting scheduled for some consulting that she […]

  • How To Take Your Wife On A Date (1 of 2)

    The weekend is coming, and you should probably take your wife on a date. Sometimes newlyweds get so excited to finally live under the same roof that they get out of the routine of going out and doing fun things together. At first, everything was so great and new. Her thoughts were filled with: “Oh […]