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  • Memorial Day

    Imagine applying for an employment opportunity that took you away from your family, put you on call for 24 hours a day, and required you to sleep at the work site. The food really isn’t great, the job sites are not safe, and there isn’t a whole lot of vacation time. Incomes are low, and […]

  • Five Leaders You Should NOT Follow

    We’ve talked all about Five Leaders I Want to Follow. So let’s recap. I love spending time mentoring and getting to know young leaders. They inspire me, excite me, and keep me from getting too old. They aren’t perfect and yet are generally very receptive to advice and new ideas. I feel better about myself […]

  • The Gospel According to James Brown

    The late, legendary “Godfather of Soul” James Brown was known for his high energy dance moves and unique voice. In his live shows he performed with every ounce of his soul: singing, dancing, and that patented howl. Every shake, jitter, and jiggle looked like it was hammered out with so much passion it was painful. […]