The Gospel According to James Brown

The late, legendary “Godfather of Soul” James Brown was known for his high energy dance moves and unique voice. In his live shows he performed with every ounce of his soul: singing, dancing, and that patented howl.

Every shake, jitter, and jiggle looked like it was hammered out with so much passion it was painful. I get tired just watching him on YouTube. Listen to the lyrics of Superbad…

“Watch me.
I got it.
I got something, that makes me want to shout.
I got that thing, that tells me what it’s all about.
I got soul…
And I’m Super Bad.”

James was so excited about himself he couldn’t contain his emotion. In fact, later in the song he comes right out and lays it all on the line:

“I love to do my thing
And I don’t need no-one else.
Sometimes I feel so nice
I jump back
I want to kiss myself.”

That is the Gospel according to James Brown. Do you have “it?” Do you live in a way where you can literally scream “watch me” to the rest of the world? Do you have something that makes you want to shout? Do you have something that tells you “what it’s all about?” James Brown sure seemed to think he did.

Where do you most feel that passion to be the person you were created to be? Where is your personal front line in our culture where God is using you to bring hope and grace to others around you? Where is your excitement in your hope in Jesus Christ boiling over to the point where you’re screaming “watch me: I got it” to the others around you? James Brown loved himself enough to tell the entire world. He danced his way to the microphone and howled away about his own greatness.

Each of us has a stage prepared for us, complete with microphone and audience. Practice your dance moves, and warm up that voice. You’ve got some singing to do… and maybe a little dancing.


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