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  • Rain or Shine

    Mondays are always better when the sun is shining bright. The morning commute seems so much easier when the sky is clear and the traffic is moving. It doesn’t always happen that way, but life is a “Rain or Shine” event. Whether your life is like a beach vacation or a things are a little […]

  • Just Shut Up And Listen

    Just shut up and listen. Just a for a moment. If you want to see this dark world change, then light it up. Go to it. Don’t sit around in a church building and wait for the masses to come to you for answers. If you’re spending all your time with Christians, you probably don’t […]

  • If your world is falling apart, talk to someone.

      If your world is falling apart, talk to someone. I’m not writing this to make you feel good. Let’s just get that out of the way. I’m writing this specifically for someone, maybe a few someone’s, even though I truthfully do not know who any of you are. Yes, to a degree I have […]