Rain or Shine

rainMondays are always better when the sun is shining bright. The morning commute seems so much easier when the sky is clear and the traffic is moving. It doesn’t always happen that way, but life is a “Rain or Shine” event.

Whether your life is like a beach vacation or a things are a little dark and storms are raging, we’ve got things to do. Life is a “Rain or Shine” event; the world isn’t cancelled by the weather we’re experiencing on the inside.

Rain storms are more fun to watch from a covered patio in June than they are on your way to work in November. And the shining sun is better enjoyed on a sandy beach with loved ones than alone in the desert. Either way, life is a “Rain or Shine” event.

What will you do on purpose “Rain or Shine” this week? What person’s life will you touch personally? What can you do today to the glory of God regardless of how circumstances affect the process?

Life is a “Rain or Shine” event. We aren’t cancelling this week! That’s something all humanity has is common. Be the person who makes the world a little better for the people around you, “Rain or Shine” today.


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