Career Motivation (I think + I might + I could = I’m a loser)

There is a big difference between “I’m not sure what God has called me to do career-wise” than the ever present crescendo of “I think I’m going to try figuring it all soon out but right now I’m busy floating aimlessly through life.” I’m not picking on you for not having your entire life mapped out through your 94th birthday. I went to seminary with guys like that. I can’t think of any that are doing what they said they would be doing. Not one.

The trick is having some sense of direction and momentum. I don’t mean impulsive life-changing decisions because you feel pressure to do so. I’m just saying a moving car is easier to steer than a parked one. Do something. Try doing what you love for a living. If you can’t get a job doing that, do something else as you sort the rest out. And don’t be afraid to seek feedback from others about what you are and are not gifted at. You probably aren’t going to do later what you won’t do now.

God created you on purpose, with purpose. As you figure out what all of that means, work hard at the opportunities you have. Dream a little, and see where your faithfulness to God takes you. Just don’t sit there terrified of failure. You’ll accomplish nothing.

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