Don’t Call It A Comeback

January 3, 1993: the Buffalo Bills were down 35 to 3 against the Houston Oilers. They were getting their butts kicked all over the field at home in a playoff game. They were missing their future hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly who was injured the week before. The game wasn’t even a sellout.

The Buffalo Bills beat the Houston Oilers. They won the game. They stuck to the game plan, worked really hard while the other team’s starters quit playing, celebrated, and gave sideline interviews. The Buffalo Bills won the game.

But don’t call it a comeback. Call it an example. It is an example of what can happen when you never quit. Never quit. Don’t ever quit, no matter what happens, no matter what people say, no matter who fails around you, no matter how many knives you feel in your back, no matter what the bank account statement says, no matter what the circumstances. I was taught to never quit, never surrender, never stop fighting, never give in, never let up, never give up, never retreat, never lose faith, and never whine about how hard life is.

Keep going, keep fighting, keep dreaming, keep planning,keep learning, keep leading. Circle the wagons. Win the game. Just don’t call it a comeback. Call it an example.

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