Start A Fire

A fireplace is supposed to have flames, especially when it is cold outside.


There are all sorts of ways to build a fire in your fireplace. Some people use gas, others crumble up newspapers, but all methods involve creating a flame first to ignite the wood. The goal is to keep placing new logs on top of the ones that are burning out to keep the fire going.

Sometimes however, the flames die out. There are some hot coals under the ashes somewhere, but that’s it. Something has to be done.

Ever feel like the flames have died out on a dream? That a relationship or a career is dying out? Have you ever felt the fire grow cold in whatever personal experience comes to mind? Start a fire.

Start a fire. Leave the ashes where they are this time. Underneath those ashes are the hot coals that will fan the flame. The flames may have burned out but the coals are still there. The opportunity you cherished may be gone but the creative person inside you is still ready to burn the place down. The idea that you poured energy into may have been smothered, and the dream you dreamed may have been stomped out, but you know there is something still there… “If only.”

If only…

If only? If only what? If… depends on whether or not you grab some more logs to burn, and only… only you can do it.

If you grab hold of some fresh wood, we start a fire. Start a fire. Fuel the flame. The coals under those ashes will ignite all the wood you pile on top of them. All the stuff you’re passionate about, the things you love, the ones that you lost that broke your heart… all those hot coals will start a fire.

Dream again. Hope some more. Share your ideas. Make some plans. Try again. Start a fire. Fan the flames.

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