My Priorities | #ThrowbackThursday


Spiritual Growth doesn’t happen all on it’s own. It requires some priorities followed by some discipline.

I’ve written on my own personal priorities in the past, and I’m re-posting them again. Spiritual growth is marked by consistency and discipline, but having the right priorities is essential. Discipline without the right priorities can lead to legalism, where we live with rules and impose regulations upon ourselves and others that God never intended. Discipline without the right priorities places the emphasis upon ourselves as the source of our spirituality rather than the Spirit of God. I’ll post some practical starting points for growth in the future, but for now lets look at personal priorities. My priorities:

  1. Spend time around Jesus.
  2. Pray with my wife
  3. Teach my kids about Jesus
  4. Create an encouraging, safe environment
  5. Get out and enjoy life.

I’ve expanded upon these priorities here, and would love to hear your thoughts. What are your priorities in life? What does Spiritual Growth look like for you? Have you thought about priorities in this way before? I’ll be writing about this more; I can help you with this.

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