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  • Pause To Be Thankful: My Parents

    I have a lot to be thankful for. I come from a tightly knit family that sticks together no matter what, and as time goes on I realize just how rare that can be in this world. I’ve been blessed, while many have grown up in broken homes, full of dysfunction, without the safety and […]

  • Remember When Our Daughter Had Spinal Cord Surgery?

    It is hard to believe an entire year has gone by since our most difficult season ever as a family. But it was a full year ago, and God has blessed us immeasurably. The timeless lesson here is to trust God fully, and use every ounce of your strength to honor that trust in every way […]

  • Free Tips: Parenting Three Kids (morning edition)

    Here are some free tips for being a parent of three kids. When you sit down in an unknown damp substance, you need to roll with it. Finish feeding your 8 month old while the other two are eating. Resist the urge to run to your bedroom and change. Otherwise, the 2 year old will […]

  • My Priorities | #ThrowbackThursday

    Spiritual Growth doesn’t happen all on it’s own. It requires some priorities followed by some discipline. I’ve written on my own personal priorities in the past, and I’m re-posting them again. Spiritual growth is marked by consistency and discipline, but having the right priorities is essential. Discipline without the right priorities can lead to legalism, where we […]

  • A Saint Patrick’s Day Prayer

      Saint Patrick’s Day is like Thanksgiving for my family. We share a meal, a few laughs, and rally around our common Irish ancestry. There’s dancing, music, and memories made every year. I’ve already made the case that “Saint” Patrick is perhaps the greatest missionary since the Bible was written. And my wife Jennifer and […]

  • Christmas Traditions

    Every year on December 6th (or close to it) our family celebrates Saint Nicholas Day. The kids love it because they get a small taste in their stocking of the gifts that are coming on Christmas Day. My wife and I love it because we get to share a small version of the history (and […]

  • Leadership Lessons from My Dad

    In my experience, strong leadership isn’t something that we learn in a lecture or a classroom. It is something we develop through our experiences, challenges, and the examples of others. Some people are a great example of strong leadership, while others are equally valuable to observe for the benefit of seeing the effects of poor […]

  • My Priorities

    Over the years I have settled on some priorities in life that enable me to continuously grow as a husband, dad, and leader. My hope is that every man would consider these priorities to lead well in his family. I understand we all have different personalities and relationship dynamics. Not all men are “Type A” outgoing […]

  • Life is Fragile

    Life is Fragile. I’m reminded of that all the time, so apparently I’d better remember this. On Monday I took my 37 weeks pregnant wife to the hospital, because she fell down a flight of stairs. I found her lying face down at the bottom of the stairs after hearing a loud noise while I […]

  • Through A Mother’s Eye

    Words cannot express the level of thanks and gratitude we have for each and every person who took time to pray for our sweet Clare this past week. Our Father heard each and every word lifted up and He showed mercy, mercy which is new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). She had spinal surgery to untether […]