A Saint Patrick’s Day Prayer



Saint Patrick’s Day is like Thanksgiving for my family. We share a meal, a few laughs, and rally around our common Irish ancestry. There’s dancing, music, and memories made every year. I’ve already made the case that “Saint” Patrick is perhaps the greatest missionary since the Bible was written. And my wife Jennifer and I work hard to pass that man’s legacy on to our children.

This year, my three year old son led our extended family in prayer for the holiday meal. The main things he mentioned in his prayer was that he was thankful for food, family, and friends. That’s our plan, and our prayer: that our children would know Christ intimately, and draw others to Him. That’s the legacy we’re working on. That’s our biggest stage. It is an intentional plan and one we constantly work on. We model prayer to our children, as well as reading our Bibles and spending quality time with other followers of Jesus Christ.

What about you? How well do you feel you are investing your faith in your own family? Have you spent some time thinking this over? If not, don’t start hating on yourself… tomorrow’s post should be of interest to you as I lay out some practical ways to lead the way spiritually with those close to you.

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  1. “…that our children would know Christ intimately, and draw others to Him.” There is no greater prayer this side of heaven. Truly, there is no greater joy than to know that our children walk in truth. I need to study more in “Saint” Patrick. Thanks for the post.

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