Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person: (1-2 of 5)


This is an excerpt of a post previous published called “Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person” from March 2012. Enjoy!

Reason #1: They are cheating on their spouse with you. Seriously now… two people stood up in front of their friends, family, and a bunch of wedding crashers and made promises to stay faithful to one another. And now, they’re breaking all those promises. It isn’t because you’re so amazing that their original promises are negated by some ancient magical rule. It isn’t because originally they just thought they were in love but now with you they KNOW they are. It is because they fully lack character and self-control, and because you lack standards. I’ll be honest: if they cheat on someone to be with you, they’re going to bring that same level of commitment and decision making to your world, your circle of friends, your family, and your future. This isn’t going to end well, so end it now.

Reason #2: Because it seems like they’re talking you into it. If you are not 100% excited, convinced, enthusiastic, captivated, committed, and completely sold that without a doubt this is your lifelong partner and you can totally trust them… why the heck get married? If someone has to “convince” you to be in a relationship with them, then the relationship isn’t just doomed to fail… it has totally tanked already. Run! Get out of there!

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