Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person: (3 of 5)


This is an excerpt of a post previous published called “Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person” from March 2012. Enjoy!

Reason #3: Because you feel sorry for them. It is one thing to reach out to people in need, invest in their lives, and connect with people who need a friend. But you don’t marry them! Marrying someone that doesn’t have their life straightened out will suck all the joy away from your soul. I’m serious. Ever see a stoned college guy eat chicken wings at 3am? The way they bite off every piece of that thing that doesn’t crunch or crack? That’s going to be your soul. The only person who will tell you otherwise is… guess who… the person trying to get you convince you to marry them (see #2) or the person you’re supposed to pity. A marriage based on pity? That sounds “pity-Full” my friends. Think long and hard on this. Some people need serious medical and psychological help. Don’t be so arrogant as to believe that giving up your freedom to be happy so they can be free to melt down all over your life’s dreams will somehow fix their problems. If they have recurring problems with their friends they’re going to have problems with yours. If they’re always feeling sorry for themselves, I’m not sure who will be around to feel sorry for you in a couple of years. Don’t do it. You don’t want that crazy home life to be your own!

Next: Reason #4: Because you have different religious beliefs.

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