Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person: (4 of 5)



This is an excerpt of a post previous published called “Five Reasons NOT To Marry That Person” from March 2012. Enjoy!

Reason #4: Because you have different religious beliefs. Am I hearing you correctly? The entire world throughout history can’t stop killing each other over religious differences, but somehow your marriage “isn’t like that” at all? You’re saying that you can just slap a “COEXIST” bumper sticker on the back of your volkswagen and elevate world consciousness because you have a special love? You believe that world leaders with Trillions of dollars and billions of lives at stake couldn’t accomplish what your warm fuzzy feelings while listening to Mumford & Sons together can do? I hear what you’re saying; I just think you’re both going to have a really tough time…

Next: Reason #5: Because you can’t find anyone else.

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