Connections Ministry 3.1 Guest Follow-Up Process

This is the third of five chapters in a 25 part blog series titled: The Five Elements of a Fully Implemented Connections Strategy, published over a five week period. Everything I have posted here is the result of my own personal experiences, from serving on church staffs, volunteering as a lay leader, and being brought in as a paid consultant. It is my hope that these posts will help you and your church get better at connecting with guests, not simply to increase your attendance and membership, but ultimately to grow the body of Christ. Implementing a Connections strategy (or “Assimilation” strategy) is a long term process, and one that relies on a culture of continual improvement. This chapter has five entries, which will all be linked below the post as they are published.

Guests inside Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC // Photo Cred: Daniel Burke

3.1 Guest Follow Up Process (It includes capturing data)

Church follow up begins during the church service. It really does.

You can only follow up with someone if you know they were there. So first, we need to find out who our guests are. Some churches don’t ask guests for their contact info. They have many different reasons, and detailed explanations for doing so, but generally share one thing in common: they’re probably not growing.

Bold statement? Sure. But I’m not wrong.

Any family that checks their child into the preschool and children’s ministry will have provided contact information, including their name, address, cell phone, and email. You will know who guest families are based on this information. Aside from guest families that check in children, you still need to find out who else was at your church.

  • Students, single adults, college age folks, and couples without kids in preschool or elementary school need a way to communicate they were there. This is where your guest packet is valuable again. There is a guest card in there with a pen for your guests to fill out.
  • Some churches also have guest cards in the backs of their pews or seats. A focal point of your morning “welcome” should be to encourage guests to locate this card, fill it out, and place it in the offering.
  • Be up front. Tell them you’re going to contact them to thank them for coming, and that you’re glad they’re here.

If someone gives you their contact info, contact them. And build a strategy around it that has them contacted within 24-48 hours. But to do all that, you’ll need to get their contact info, and you will get it at church on Sunday.


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